Sweet 16 Quinceanera Dresses
Quinceanera Dresses
By: Thomson Jack

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Amoy wedding dress save money tips

Not necessarily on your wedding dress is not the key is to choose to suit their own, then how to choose Quinceanera Dresses
it, following it to see people show up, how to save money options to their ideal Quinceanera Dresses

&quot;Mom and Dad want me to do to buy a red wedding dress to wear on the visitor's dress, but tried a number of dress styles, they all feel for you. Moreover, a dress worn once on the shelf, never to wearing, too practical! &quot;Miss Wu is for the bride's wedding day clothes trouble! Both happy, good-looking, but also practical, can usually wear, and now the bride's wedding dress gradually toward life.
Many of this year's women's fashion brand personality and life will be a combination of dress, bride dress more practical, but also a large selection of room, even on weekdays where you can wear.
Turned shiny dress dress plus accessories
In the past, wedding dresses are generally one-time spending, lavish entirely with your wallet! However, a growing number of 80, 85, after the bride in the pursuit of individuality, we must also pay attention to usability, we can not wear a seal on it! Could smell this trend, many brands are a combination of dress and life, in color and design to do a lot of improvements.
Like a silk dress, waist, good sense of falling, there is evening dress style. Wear such a dress as long as the bride with the makeup and accessories, in the light will immediately transform into an exquisite evening gowns, not only does not make you a very rude at the wedding, but also look very dynamic. Also usually wear a lot of flavor to Oh!

Tips: These skirts are generally after the first set of wedding wear. Selected according to their temperament and style of the wedding, if you want to bring the best mix of accessories, if the wedding venue, then please also bring a photo, will continue to try on dresses to save you valuable time.
Harness dress plus jacket turned OL installed
The article mentioned at the beginning of the Miss Wu, the final purchase their own mind 7 points sleeve jacket plus a red dress suit, this string of other relatives after marriage, when to wear, usually attend important occasions to wear. Summer wedding, in pursuit of stage effects, many brides choose to Dress like a small dress. If the normal work wear too little too exaggerated, you can choose a small jacket, such as small waistcoat, knitted cardigan so small, out of a set, both look good and decent.
Tips: It is recommended to buy pink bride, not being red, so normal wear does not seem too &quot;harsh.&quot; Popular Korean dress, skirt, lace skirt pink series ... ... style or color, whether the bride is very suitable for use.

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Gorgeous beautiful bride dress

Red, the color is a touch of oriental bride's red wedding dress the Quinceanera Dresses
with more taste of luxury, so put on the red glow of an elegant dress of the bride charming temperament.


Red waist wedding dress designs to the bride's body set off a very graceful, wide waist belt designed to make the bride's waist was more moving, long messy hair design and makeup of the bride's face matched the red with the bride a wild blurred colors, the bride's eyes are also silent convey her happiness.

V-neck red Quinceanera Dresses
designed for the bride, sexy bride adds feminine, red waist belt worn by a large red flower color differences, a layered sense of design, so this bride red extremely elegant dress elegant taste, waist big red flower is this red dress decorated pen.

Bridal red dress the whole material the use of silk-like design, designers use a micro-fold sense of design, so this is more a red wedding dress layering, with the bride on your skin slightly dark, messy hair, the bride the wild atmosphere more obvious performance out of the beautiful bride enjoy the bloom in the gestures.

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Romantic beach bride dress elegant

Bride dress is essential for a single product, elegant mellow temperament of the Quinceanera Dresses
will be more beautiful, the bride's beautiful dress in the show came out perfect.

Bra-style design of the Quinceanera Dresses
will set off the bride more beautiful, elegant Zhang Qun Long Bra-style design of the dress the bride's body set off the more petite and full of nimble in the air.

White Tee designs fashion bride dress bride Smart temperament will show up perfect, elegant long-tail design will set off the bride's body more beautiful, with the bride's elegant look with a significantly more feminine.

Simple white wedding dress style design will set off the bride's color more white, shoulder feathers patchwork design is this unique design of the bride dress at the bride set off more elegant and moving.


White Bra fashion design bridal wedding the bride's petite body off the more moving, chest-style decorative mosaic design of flowers are the crowning touch to this wedding dress, the bride's white wedding dress by the perfect temperament to show up.

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Tall bride for the colorful dress

Natural beauty, real people envy, tall, wearing clothes, but may also be due to frustration. Many brides wear Quinceanera Dresses
, but difficult to get satisfactory results, following small to recommend several wedding dress, you can try.

Dream theme
Talking about the color of champagne Asian brides effectively improve the color, rich texture of the fabric stack of three-dimensional effect, the use of tulle skirt material to create a large number of wave lines abundance of texture, filled with dreamy mystical experience.

Bright nowhere
Bra style self build dream of graceful effect, increase the sense of slender high-waist design is still respected the popular theme, excellent traditional hand-beading gives the connotation of luxury wedding for the bride to bring the full flavor of sparkling star effect, for grand hotel in grand wedding.

Simple style Quinceanera Dresses

South Korea has a delicate texture of forging the child to clean the atmosphere of the approach tailored to the contours of extremely elegant, smooth lines and the use of the bride glow aesthetic taste, the right chest dotted bow cohesion focus of attention, the bride in the gestures that develop their self-confidence grace.

Bright Star
Slim design simple fish-tail wedding extra attention to detail, spread the layered skirt with a rich texture wave curve, encrusted sequins elastic fabric is the most creative elements, walking bring dash between the bright and vivid, outlines sexy curves, you SHOU a good figure.

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Must know the bride wedding dress and maintenance tips

Wedding moved let us remember, the wedding may be what we want to treasure a clear memory of a lifetime, because it is within reach. Quinceanera Dresses
after the wedding may be idle, and you thought carefully how to maintain it Well. Maintenance and other valuables, wedding clothes different, as long as careful attention to every link, at any time remove the wedding, you can get back again when the happiness and look forward to the wedding.

Wedding of the purchase and use of
To buy time to ask this wedding material, attached beads, sequins what is particular, but also ways to deal with an emergency should be asked, if the wine or champagne stains on the wedding, immediately under the pad of towels in the wedding, with white vinegar or detergent scrub, and then absorbent paper so as not to leave marks. For dress, use the large bags into a pocket or dedicated to wedding installed. After the best use of ozone plus UV disinfection.
Cleaning Wedding
After the wedding through, wash as soon as possible. Stains left too long will result in unnecessary difficult to clean. Over time, the stain will be aging, fading, resulting in the degradation and wear wedding fabric. Food stains can cause discoloration and attract small insects, candied beverage in the future will become a dry brown, it is difficult to remove, perspiration wedding will turn yellow, the fabric degradation and damage.
Quinceanera Dresses

Wedding on fine fabrics, beads, sequins and other decorative and can not withstand chemical erosion when dry, usually a &quot;wet&quot; approach. Immersed in the wedding mild neutral detergent mixed with water (according to the nature of the fabric selection detergent), this method can effectively remove red wine stains left by food, etc., and even invisible sweat, liquor and other stains can be removed. Must not use the washing machine and dehydration, which will cause the shedding of decorations
Dry Cleaning
Some wedding needs dry cleaning, especially silk, acetate, rayon and wool material. Be sure to use cleaning solvents have been filtered, the type and location of specific stains, or there will be residual. Chamber of Commerce proposed a number of cleaning methods using special cleaning, in fact, not necessary and expensive, so be sure to choose a reputable supplier to ensure that the cleaning. After cleaning check to open the package.

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